Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Updating a Manufactured Home

My sister lives in a manufactured old one.  I showed off her gardening and outdoor spaces last year.   
See the beauty and ingenuity HERE  

About 7 years ago when they were able to purchase the property next to where we lived (before Alaska), they chose to renovate the manufactured home that was already on the property.  If you'd have seen the "before" pics, you'd know why that was a huge was GROSS.  But they persevered and stayed focused.

Actually, my sis found some photos, so here are pictures of the pictures.

After spraying the whole house top to bottom with layers of Kilz paint (it works to block the nicotine smell!) and adding new flooring and bathroom fixtures, they moved in.  They thought they'd live there 5 years before building a new home, but it's been 7 years now and that goal isn't in sight yet.  

My sister Amber is a lot like me and she works hard to thrive in whatever situation is given her.  The home has a good layout, but it lacks any character.  It's also almost 30 years old and needed to feel a little more substantial.  We brainstormed on how to update the painted and peeling paneling and came up with this!

She used the tutorial from House of Smiths, though her method wasn't as detailed and organized as theirs.  She didn't calk before painting, which left the space feeling nicely rustic.  It makes me feel like I'm in a cabin while I'm in these rooms and I like it like that.

For the flooring, they pulled up the carpet and then using gray deck paint, simply painted the plywood.  It looks just fine and was a cheap option to update the house.  It's held up to her 4 kids very well so far.

When I was visiting last time, we finished up the decorating in her kids' sleeping room.  Her daughter and 2 sons share this space, so we had to make it friendly for both boys and girls.  

We ended up with a bit of a vintage bicycle/travel theme once we were done.  There are no rules though, and we had a blast shopping the vintage stores (and Target) to outfit the space.

We used old bike tire rims in lieu of a headboard for each bed.  The kids can decorate them with their favorite photos by using clothespins or clips.  Noah and Gideon's rim was hung by a leather belt.  We used burlap for Esther's rim.

I love anything with letters or numbers and this clothing basket is no exeption.

 The bedding is a nice neutral buffalo check.  We personalized them by adding boyish or feminine details to each one.

We were able to find some fun accessories for the dresser and shelf.

 I ADORE the metal Schwinn sign

 Each room ended up costing about $150 in materials to do the walls and floor.  They are planning to give the rest of the house this treatment as time and funds allow.  It's actually a decent winter project (at least in a mild climate like the Northwest) when life is a little bit slower.

Just because a home or space isn't your "ideal", don't underestimate the power of a good attitude and creative thinking.  
"Bloom where you're planted!"

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  1. what a wonderful job! we too lived in an older mobile home for years. but we never thot of doing treatments like this. it's gorg!

  2. I love it! that is sort of the 'feel' that I want to go for in Riggs' room when we move him to a real bed. Love it!

  3. I love this post. That's exactly the kind of attitude that will take a person far in life ... making the most of where you are right now. Blessings~

  4. Great ideas with the painting. The children's bedroom looks so cute! Great job!

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  6. What a FABULOUS transformation!! Great job!

  7. Those are some great ideas! The plank walls and painted floors look wonderful. I really like your motto and have lived by that for many years, but I added a bit more to it quite a few years ago: "Bloom where you're planted, instead of exist where you're stuck." I probably heard that last part some where, but I've used it for so long that it now feels like it's all!

  8. Holy awesome! I love that attitude, and it seems like your sister has been doing an awesome job of blooming! (I clicked over to the post about her garden/outside space, too) impressive!

  9. Looks great...charming details :)

  10. The bicycle rims are a great idea! I grew up in a manufactured home and can attest that Kilz is AWESOME when you need to renovate - it covered up the horrible butterfly-print paneling that was in my old bathroom :)

  11. I really like how the walls turned out! Fantastic! They remind me of the inside of "conch" houses in Key West where I grew up.

  12. Wow, I am so impressed at all the character you have given your builder's home! It is hard work to make a home not look like a tract home and your home has so much character! Thanks for sharing at Redoux!

  13. The gang at My Personal Accent thinks your post about Updating A Manufactured Home is WONDERFUL. We would like to invite you to party with us at our new Blog Strut Peacock Style Link Party to share your creative ideas. Come on over!!


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