Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holding to the fall memories - a home tour....

We're getting record cold temperatures here in interior Alaska.  It's cold.

I mean real cold.  Already -44 here at my house over the last 2 days.  We're going to have HIGHS of -30.  Seriously.

 So, since this is what the INSIDE of my front door and windows look like this evening...
It makes me cold just looking at it!!

I'm going to finally show you pictures of my sisters little homestead.  


 She has a couple of acres in SW Washington.  She's planted a pretty raised bed garden
(past it's prime here, but in it's summer glory, it is just stunning)

Their house is a older mobile that she has truly made into a HOME, despite the fact that they've had to be in there longer than they planned on when they bought the property.  

The before pictures of this house and property would literally terrify you.  The beauty it is today has been not a miracle, but the result of great vision and lots of hard work.

I adore this sweet little chair she has sitting on her back porch

This is her outdoor canning/summer kitchen.
It's also where my brother in law brews his master micro-brews and makes that delicious pear wine I'm still craving

This is the entrance to my brother in laws office/man cave. 

My sister has made this a place any man would want to spend time in, whether at work, or while he's thinking up a new beer recipe

I couldn't enough of this chair and ottoman!


Even Cookie the Cat has his own special place under the work desk

Out near the garden is a workshop/barn.  It is painted in their beautiful barn red color.  I love the utilization of the ladder on the wall, function meets decor.  

Here in the yard is a fun fire pit; perfect for cool fall evenings gathering with friends to roast marshmallows. 

They have a large duck, chicken and turkey population.  Most of these are destined for the freezer, though some will get to stick around to provide delicious farm fresh eggs.

Pretty chickens abound

Ugly adolescent turkeys
The ducks are so much fun to watch

And finally, since you were all crazy about that awesome door, here's another look

I had so much fun visiting my sister.  As much as I'm trying to enjoy Alaska (at least when it's not negative 40F), I do long for the long fall days in the Northwest.  It's so gorgeous there.

I'll leave you with a little pic of my sis and I with our babies that were born 1 week apart. (man,we both look so tired!)

Please enjoy the rest of your week.  I'll be working on staying warm!


  1. Are you and your sis twins? Her yard is wonderful...I love the chickens and cute! I can't believe how cold it is up there....I got cold just seeing the frost in your house!! Hope you all stay warm and toasty inside.

    All the best,
    Rachel :)

  2. Thanks Rachel. No, we're not twins. I'm 2 years older than her, but we're so close, I suppose that's why we look so much alike :)

  3. Beautiful post you and your sis sure look alike, really sweet photo of you and your babies. Love her yard now I'm in love with that blue and red chair. I must say they really have a flair for decorating and putting things together it's just amazing.

  4. What a beautiful place your sis has!So romantic!

  5. I guess I won't complain because it is 5 degrees F here in Douglas! The wind is howling, however, and it feels much colder. The lights are blinking, so I guess the power is going to go out! The woodstove is blazing, the puppies are on the couch with me, and my husband is available for a snuggle, so I guess we'll be OK! Stay warm and safe!

  6. Oh those temperatures!!! We live in a drafy old house, so I can just imagine how you are feeling. Loved the pictures of your sister's place. She has a great knack for decorating.

  7. Wow that is cold!! Your sisters place is beautiful and inviting! Are you two twins? How sweet having your babies just one week apart! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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