Sunday, March 10, 2013


Can you believe it's time to spring forward already?!  I don't know if we'll be making it to church in the morning, though we have the best of intentions.  We ate dinner late and everyone is just getting to bed now.

It feels like spring here in Alaska.  Though our snow won't likely be gone for at least a month, the temperatures are causing lots of dripping from the roof and the option of open windows during the day.  It's amazing how 35+ degrees is so lovely and warm.

We are rather busy for some reason.  I've done some trading of babysitting time with friends so I could start attending self defense classes (so fun!) and get some shooting time at the range with my husband.  With adding the workout classes one to two days a week for me, I've added short workouts on the other 3-4 days, so I'm getting a little healthier and stronger.  It feels good.

I'm also doing a little research into which way we want to homeschool next year...we're checking out Classical Conversations and Unschooling.  Yes those 2 are polar opposites as far as techniques, but we're praying about both.  

I'll leave you with some sweet (maybe a little blurry, but sweet nonetheless) photos of my two youngest babies dancing together.  This is a nearly daily occurrence for Lydia with either Isaac or Ephraim.


I love how she looks at Ephraim.  There's some hero worship going onHis ability to treat her with love and respect is an integral part of learning to be a real Man, and so we nurture this relationship with care.   Of course this can challenging, but it's one we know has lifelong benefits.


  1. She does love him I can see it in her face. I love the way you are raising your children. My grandson Dallas from UAF is at Kodiak right now and told me today how it warmed up there her was in shirtsleeves. We just had 1.5" of snow today but it's not cold at all it's 34.

  2. What completely adorable photos! I love watching our younger children hero-worshipping the older ones too - so cute!!

    And thank you SO much for asking about the Pin IT button - it was the kick I needed to get around to doing it! You're a superstar!



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