Thursday, December 20, 2012

My House at Christmas

I went light on our decorations this year, as I have with nearly all our traditions (except for Advent with the kids), which has been really lovely and kept me nearly stress free.  I've been done shopping since last weekend and so all I have left is meal planning and baking.

 I apologize for the lack of lighting in my photos.  I'm learning to not use my flash, but with our non existent natural light here in Alaska during winter solstice (these were all taken at around 1:30pm when we have the most light)...I really need to get an external flash or lighting. 

The Entryway 

Simple Dining Table.  A long folded table cloth to make a runner, vintage style baguette board, some votive candles and pomegranates. Sweet!

 My living room



Our stockings are tied to an iron quilt rack in place of a mantle

To keep the wrapping simple, I bought a large role of reversible wrapping paper from Sam's Club.  That is the only paper I've used for our gifts. For ribbon I opted for natural materials like burlap and jute. 

 Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  1. Very pretty! I have the same Willow Tree Nativity set and love it :)

  2. Your Christmas decor is lovely! I have pretty much the same black ladder bookshelves - have you seen them on my blog? And your children look so precious...great photo!


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