Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camping at Home

Yesterday the mosquitoes were uncommonly quiet, so I decided to burn our branch pile.  Here in Alaska, we have to get a burn permit (good for 3 years) and then get permission on the day you're going to burn.  It seems like a good system to help keep the fire danger down.  

The pile burnt so was crazy.  I had the hose out the whole time spraying down the area around the fire.  Alaska is insanely dry, so I was a bit of a nervous wreck, but it all came out just fine (thank goodness).

With the mosquitoes apparently sleeping for the day, we took the opportunity to hang out outside and do a "camping" evening.  We didn't actually camp, but it sure felt like it...
Roasting hot dogs over a (very) smokey fire

Relaxing with a good book

Eating Smores

Getting sticky fingers

Eating graham crackers with those sticky fingers

The kids had a blast and so did Dave and I.  Spending time together is always so much fun 

Maybe one of these days we'll progress to breaking out the tent.



  1. Love it! Looks like a great day!


  2. Sometimes the best days are those spent with our loved ones, in our home, or in the backyard :)

  3. It's funny how different Alaska is. I forget it's so big but each part is different. Where we were from is in a rainforest so it's insanely wet. My first summer in Juneau I only had like three days without rain. I don't think you need a burn permit there unless the air isn't moving out of the mountains but then they just issue a ban and call it an "air emergency." weird place, alaska.


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