Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mini update

Dave's parents detoured from Arizona to see us on their way home to Washington.  It was a long detour, but we're so happy they made it.  We had a wonderful 3 days together. 

Lydia is pretty skeptical of strangers (I think it's a combo of personality and age), so she took a couple of days to warm up to them.  By the time they left, she was liking her Grandma and even smiled at her Papa.  

We have less than a week left here in Oklahoma before we head back to Alaska.  In that time, I have 2 kids with birthdays and an apartment to pack back up.  It should be fun.

We're swinging back through Washington on our way through to Alaska, but it will be quick.  Nonetheless, we're totally excited to be able to see the faces of our beloved family. 

Last Sunday we visited the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge.  We saw longhorns, buffalo's, prairie dogs and even 2 lizards

There were hundreds of prairie dogs running around.  They're so fun to watch.  We learned about how integral they are to a prairie's ecosystem when we watched "American Serengeti
(with Tom Selleck narrating, it's a can't miss nature show for the kids)

There is a very old (but functional) dam on the site.  It shows off beautiful architecture and was so neat to walk on. 

 I even snagged a photo of my husband.  He's not a fan of pics, so this was the best I could get (ornery man).

Lydia rode with me.  The sun was bright and hot.

There were beautiful views

Nice walking trails...

And HUGE cactus (cactus, castus's, cacti?).  
I would not want to blindly meet one of those.  Yee-ouch!

We climbed some hills to see more beauty

It's so much fun to explore



  1. Wow now that is what I call a cool trip! My Husband and kids would love going think I would have tripped half a dozen of which would include an encounter with that cactus!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. Just wanted you to know that I stopped in randomly and saw your blog. To my surprise it is of my home. Living in TN now it was great to see the things I love so much! Thanks for doing that! Sharon


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