Friday, February 17, 2012

Oklahoma Again

From Urban Soul, this hangs on my bedroom wall

Truer words were never spoken...If we could follow those words with 
"If you must go and I cannot, I will be here waiting" 
this would be the motto and lifestyle of the military wife.

Our family has not had to face a 1 yr or even 6 month deployment, thank goodness, but any deployments or TDY's are tough on the kids and my husband and I.  

My husband has been home from his last deployment for a little over a month and been TDY for a week of that time.  So, when we were told he had an opportunity to go to Oklahoma for upgrade training starting next week, we started praying about it.

Instead of being separated for another stretch, we have chosen to go with him.  We can't afford to fly all of us down there, so another LONG, LONG, LONG drive down the Alcan Hwy is the way it will be.  With just 4 days to pack (all on my lonesome since Dave is TDY right now), it's been a little crazy, but I picked up the u-haul trailer today (got to have that, our car is full of kids) and we're loading up to drive nearly 3,700 miles in 8 days.  

This is when I LOVE that we homeschool and don't follow a set schedule.  Not much fazes the kids, they're just happy we get to stay together.  

So the decorating plans will be non-existent for the next 2 months as we enjoy lots of driving and scenery across Canada and the U.S.  I will be posting some wildlife pics (hoping for a bear this time!) and hopefully blogging about the fun times we're having along the way.
Us in 2010 on our way to Alaska
See you on the other side!


  1. Oh my gosh you are driving the 5 kids alone all the way to OK in 8 days? It took us 10 days just to drive up here from CA. I don't see how you can do it with kids needing to stop all the time. You are one brave lady and I wish you a safe trip and the best, keep us posted.

  2. Stay safe, drive carefully, and keep us posted!


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