Monday, October 31, 2011

We're back home!

We spent most of October in Washington visiting our family.  We had a wonderful time, and I'm planning to add some pics of that trip along with some of my thoughts soon.  Since we've been home for the last 2 days, I just had a few new things happen and I figured I should post those before the time gets away from me.

First up: On our first day home, Lydia fell asleep in the swing!!.....FOR 2 HOURS!  It was amazing.  This is her 5th nap that wasn't on me or in the car seat.  I don't know if I'll get a repeat, but I am happy for what I can get.  

Lydia is also nearly sitting up.  She's so proud of herself

I love seeing her 2 little teeth here (she got them the first weekend of our visit)
Today I got her a little exersaucer thing to play in.

I think she likes it...check out the intensity!

Finally, today we also got our new pellet stove installed.  The pellet stove ordeal is a long story, but in the end we traded up and got a new Enviro multi-fuel burning stove with a built in hearth pad.  It seems like it's going to be awesome.  With the 10 degrees it was today and with colder temps on their way, I'm very thankful for a dependable heat source.

We didn't do halloween this year since I didn't have any prep time and Dave isn't even home.  I got a pumpkin for the 3 kids to carve with him in a couple of days.  We'll have a little harvest celebration then.  
I'll be back in the soon with some pics from our trip.  It was lovely to be in the Northwest and experience my favorite time of year...autumn.  
Coming home to the snow muffling all the noise and making everything appear clean and calm was fun too.  For now, I'm going to go hunker down next to my new stove with a magazine :) 

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