Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mud Racing

We found a fun race car track not too far from our house.  This day they weren't racing on the track; they were racing modified cars and trucks in long strips of mud!  It was loud, but SO much fun.
These 2 brothers (with kids in the trucks) were fun to watch

It was a beautiful day.  A little hot since I overdressed all of us, but lovely nonetheless

 It's apparently more fun if you have no doors, or the windows are down

A bulldozer would pull or push out the ones that got stuck (there were many that did)


Lydia is LOVING the wrap lately, so she spent the whole time here, watching, nursing and sleeping 

Look at her cheeks!

We'll be going back for sure
(after I get the little ones some earplugs!)

Next time we'll plan to stay the whole day so we can watch the human mud race ♥

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