Thursday, September 15, 2011

Glaciers, sort of...

 We took a little road trip today from Anchorage to see the Portage Glacier (I think that's the glacier it was at least).  All of it was just gorgeous, but the weather was pretty yucky.
 It got worse and worse as we drove
 We stopped at a visitors center, but no one wanted to get out except those that needed to use the bathroom
 Looks lovely eh?

 We got a small glimpse of the glacier and the waterfalls around it
 On the drive back, the weather improved just a bit
 It turned out to be a relatively fun trip.  The kids are ready to go home to Fairbanks though since they didn't get to see any Beluga whales, ha ha.  

Lydia and I stayed in the car the whole time since it was too windy and cold out there for her
I think we'll try and make the trip out to Seward tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have some decent weather.

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