Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Refresh - part 2

I am SO very MIA these days.  I'm working on getting the house and stuff all ready for the baby, and plain just resting up.  I've pretty much lost interest in blogging or visiting my favorite blogs right now, which is so weird since I'm usually obsessed, haha.  I guess it's just a part of the "nesting" process.  Anyway, I still have 1 more day of refresh reveals.  The last rooms I have is the kids' bedrooms.  These spring changes are pretty simple.   I'll start with the boys' room.  

Here is the before:
And the after:
Simple changes.  Each of the kids have white duvets under their quilts.  By simply reversing the quilt to the opposite side and then leaving it folded at the bottom of the bed adds a lighter feeling.  
 I also reversed their blackout drapes.  They're not designed to have this done, but I can't afford new drapes, and this was the quickest way to lighten up the room.  If you don't look too close, they just look like white curtains with red trim.  It worked pretty well.  I have to keep the drapes up since we're heading toward nearly 24 hours of daylight, so the blackouts are necessary.

I still need to add something above each of the beds, but inspiration hasn't struck me yet.
 Little mans bed has a white duvet under this duvet cover, but we're still working on him liking his bed, so the Thomas must stay ♥

Now for the girly room
The Before:

And After:
I did the same thing here as in the boys' room.  Reversed the quilt and rolled it back to the bottom of the bed

I haven't really highlighted her curtains before, but can I just say how I love these?!  They add so much to the bright obnoxious pink she chose for her room.  I ADORE them.

My daughters cluttered dresser drives me bonkers, but she loves it.  What can I say?  She needs her individuality still :)

I'll probably continue to  be MIA for the next few weeks.  I'm 38 weeks pregnant now, so this little one will be making her appearance sometime in the next month.  My goal is to get those huge subway art projects done before she comes, but I'm not sure if my lack of focus will allow it to happen.  I'll keep you posted though!  Thanks for your patience.  

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  1. Cute rooms its great you have the energy to still feel like home decor or anything else for that matter Enjoy your newest member (when the time come of course)

  2. So fresh and light, these are great changes. And at no cost too! Well done for getting anything done this far into the pregnancy. Best wishes for the upcoming birth, and hope you find some time to relax before he/she arrives.
    Take Care
    Rebecca x

  3. I like the changes and the way you keep the house so neat! My gosh not easy with all the kids I'm sure. Hope things go well for you in the up coming month.

  4. The rooms look lovely! So organized, how do you manage to keep it that way? Wishing you all the best for your delivery....will be thinking of you! Have a wonderful Mother's day!!



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