Monday, January 3, 2011

Pantry project

I'm loving seeing all the 2010 recaps everyone is blogging about.  I may do one myself a little later in the month, when I (hopefully) have more energy.  This pregnancy is wiping me out, and I'm not sure why.  Frequent nausea and extreme fatique are really rare for me at 20 weeks, so this has been frustrating to say the least.  I have a feeling it has a bit to do with the infrequent daylight and cold here in Alaska.  My parents got me a "happy light" for Christmas and I finally got it plugged in yesterday at my reading spot.  I'm also adding in some plant based iron and vitamin B complex to my vitamin regime, so I'm praying the combo helps me to function a lot better.

We had a good New Years, just hanging out (I read a ton while the kids and husband played Wii).

My in-laws will be here on Saturday for a 2 week visit, so I have a lot on the agenda this week, with a huge focus on pantry organization. I'm laying down contact paper on the industrial shelving in my laundry room, hoping for a prettier and brighter space for our food storage.  The paper will be a big improvement on the currently black shelf, don't you think?

 Our Christmas stuff will be up for another week or two until we celebrate the holiday with my in-laws. Then next monday we'll have our ultrasound to see our sweet little baby; I'm really excited about that (think pink, think pink)...

In the meantime, the weather has warmed up a bit. We even had temperatures of almost 25 degrees yesterday! I took some pics of just before sunrise on Sunday (wow, I was actually awake at 10am!)

And then today, we had some gorgeous blue sky in the afternoon before the sunset.  It was nice to see.

I hope to be posting more frequently.  I still have some rooms to show off, and I'm praying for extra energy to tackle some of my organization and craft projects.  Until then, I will be lurking, or sleeping, haha.  Thanks for being patient with me until I'm back on my feet.


  1. Hi Miranda,
    I was thinking about you the other day and was going to come by to see how you were holding up in Fairbanks. It was very difficult for my in-laws that were stationed there. They left last spring. We miss them here in Anchorage for the holidays though as it's the only family we had in Alaska.

    The days are only a little longer here in Anchorage but every minute counts on such short days in area with the perputual darkness. Feb will be more normal for you but terribly cold.

    Not sure if you know this or not but it's recommended that everyone living in this climate take 4,000 IU of vitamin D-3 daily through the winter months. It will help with the "winter blues". Just about everyone is deficient in D in Alaska because it's acquired through sunlight. 15 minutes with arms, legs, face in the sun is good for the daily dose but unlikely to happen during the darkest months.

    Hope you start getting more energy. Come by and chat with me on blog when you find time.


  2. One more thing: hitting a tanning bed every now and then works wonders. Even if you sunblock your skin you'll leave feeling all roasty toasty and warm. I swear by it. I'm going to do a post about keeping skin supple in this type of climate soon. Not sure if you're dealing with the joys of itchy skin but I've got remedies and some great product recommendations for that. Of course this is all after buying every cream, lotion, salve, oil at every store you can imagine and none of them working for long. My poor cousin in-law and her children battled that for four years up there. It about drove her crazy.

  3. Thanks for the information Shanna! I have started taking 2,000IU of the Vitamin D, but I will up that now. Does that apply to the kids too? They're only on 1,000 right now.

    I'm so looking forward to your post on caring for your skin. We all have itchy skin and cracked lips. It's very hard to stay moisturized around here.

  4. Hi lovely,

    I'm so glad you had a good new year. I love getting lots of reading done. I was astounded at how much you got done when your sister was over for a visit. Will your in-laws break that record, do you think?!


  5. Hi Miranda. I think you just do a awful lot there girl with all your kids and a home schooling mom, all the house and shopping, etc it's a hard job and then you are pregnant too. That climate doesn't help that's for sure. We've been up in the 40's down here and our snow melted all around the house and it rained buckets. I take Vit D too and so does my daughter over in Kodiak. I tested to be low on the normal end. You probably could use some help so you can get more rest. Take Care. Nan

  6. Sarah, it was super busy with both my sister and my parents, but with my in-laws, it will be calm. They're a relaxed couple that just love to read with the kids and chat. I don't think I'll get anything done while they're here, haha.

    Nan, I can't believe the differences in our climates. It's amazing. I'd love to come visit Homer someday. It looks like an beautiful area. And by the way, I'd love to have you guys stop by if you come to help your grandson get settled in. :)

  7. Beautiful pictures!!! good luck with the pantry redo. Best wishes on your pregnancy, hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. Hi there,
    I'm not sure what the recommendation is for children but I know in adults its 4,000 IU. It has to be D 3 not just plain D. The 3 in it is what we need to supplement our brains. I was taking plain old D and not feeling any less irritable. My nurse practioner told me about the 3. Costco has a once a day D-3 in 5,000 IU. It's considered the sunshine vitamin and I'm from a sunshine state. I'm not sure how the breakdown goes specifically but if I don't take it I'm extremely lethargic and want to sleep constantly. The first year I was here I went beserk in January... I was so tired and really emotional over everything. I remember crying and saying what is wrong with me over and over. Someone said you have SAD. Prior to Alaska I thought it was a bunch of baloney people came up with to take meds. lol. Little did I know and karma got me in the end. I'm sure the childrens pediatrician would know the exact amounts they should take. Kids don't seem to be as affected with climates but adults really have a hard time.

    On another topic...sinus pain from the dryness.. when we hit the negatives here I boil then simmer two stockpots of water on the stove all day long. Humidifiers don't cut it for me


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