Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside....

Yes, we are in Alaska and we definitely know it.  The temp is -27 right now.  They expect it to get to -43 tonight.  Our pellet stove is on the fritz, so I had to clean it today to hopefully clear up the problem.  When I went outside to check and brush the stovepipe, I was worried about my hands freezing to the painfully cold pipe.  We discovered today that we even have ice INSIDE the windows at the corners.  Crazy cold!

We've been visiting with Santa at The Santa Claus House, and seeing the ice sculptures at the local town.  It's fun being here for Christmas (and beyond).  There is a great spirit of fun and survival that I've never experienced.

My parents left last night after 2 weeks here doing tons of projects (oh, and celebrating Thanksgiving...small events you know, compared to good organization, haha).  We got a lot done, both big and small, that I hope to share with you in the future.

I was so busy here at home that I haven't been on Blogger or any of the blogs I follow for 2 weeks!  I realized that the whole blog thing has been stressing me out.  I'm not the most creative of persons.  Nor am I super social by nature.  I've been so worried about other bloggers and my followers staying interested in what I was saying that it's taken any joy I've felt in blogging.  So for me, the break has provided clarity.

I love the blog community, and I love reading blogs, gathering great ideas and becoming inspired, and I even love responding with feedback and praise.  But I've got to quit hoping it will bring me lots of followers or that many people would be interested in what I have to say.  I will probably never be super popular in this blog world, but who cares?  Why am I so worried about it?  In my daily life, I have only a few close (and very dear) friends and I like it that way. I started blogging for my own enjoyment.  So I will keep on blogging, with occasional posts when I'm able, and spend time reading blogs when I can, but my family needs me to be "present" with them and not focused on things that don't pertain to our daily lives.

Besides, I am working hard on growing this new little blessing...
(15 weeks pg)
I hope you all will stick around as I love reading your comments and knowing that some of my friends/followers enjoy what I put up here.  Now that I have some more free time, I'm hoping to get my living room pics up on here sometime in the next day or two.  Then on to Christmas decorating!!  I LOVE Christmas!


  1. Congrats, Miranda on that new little one...I'm just ahead of you at 19 weeks! I completely understand the blog overwhelmed feeling. I was too at that point, had to take a break, and remember why I read and post on blogs. I don't worry anymore about making it big in the blog world and I no longer put it before my family. You'll find a balance, and when you do, it will be enjoyable again. xx, Becky

  2. Just play it cool with the blogging. This happens to a lot of the women in Blogland. What was fun becomes stressful. I see it all the time. So just relax and do whatever you want and not worry about what others think after all you have a young family and many of the women like myself have already done that and lots of the stress is off of us and we are just cruising along. Take care and enjoy your new little one. Nan PS I notice one kid didn't have his gloves on in the photos!! Ouch !!

  3. I enjoy visiting your blog! Even if I don't always leave I comment i enjoy reading it. I do understand though! Congratulations!! stay warm! Have a great week!

  4. Thanks ladies. I wasn't REALLY complaining as much as giving myself clarity. Thanks for staying in touch. I appreciate your encouragement. :D

    And Nan, as far as the gloves, we had only been out of the car for a couple of minutes, and it was a toasty 5 degrees, haha. Gloves went on after pics...for me too!


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