Sunday, October 3, 2010

Problem Solved!

I'm working on my daughters room this week.  I got it painted and got her new light wired and hung in there.  The chandelier is from Ikea.  I shipped it up here with our stuff.  It has a REALLY long cord though, and I didn't need any of it.  I'm no electrician, so I couldn't cut and rewire; this was my temporary solution:

 A proper solution?  An unfinished scrap of transluscent fabric wrapped around the cord.  I hot glued about 5 areas that needed to look cleaner, but overall, it's just wrapped and stuffed up there. 
The 3 fabric pins are from The Pleated Poppy-  I bought these on a whim (along with a fabulous checkbook cover) and have been irritated because I couldn't find a use for them.  They are useful now though, and I think they give it that extra touch of fun elegance!
And yes, her room is that PINK!  It was an "oops" color from a local store I got for $5.  I added a $4 quart of bright white paint to it to try and calm the color down, but it didn't help.  Oh well.  My daughter is thrilled with the radioactive pink, so that's what matters.  I've got some work to do in there, but it's coming out great.  I'll be posting the reveal next week.


  1. That's a great solution. Aren't too-long cables the ugliest thing in the world.The bane of my life is the telephone cable. You can always see it behind our console table. Maybe I should decorate it with pretty flowers too!!

    Your lovely comment bought a tear to my eye, by the way. THANK YOU. xxxx

  2. You've been tagged! Please will you look at my current post for details. You absolutely don't have to participate if you don't want to but thought you'd like to know!



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