Saturday, October 2, 2010

Front Door Reveal

My front door has been done for a couple of weeks now, but I've been so busy, I haven't had time to show it off.  I hardly find time to blog.  My husband was sent on a short deployment (5 weeks) less than a month after we arrived, and it's left me here in Alaska with no contacts, and an unknown style of winter bearing down on us.  Add in another surprise that's making me a little tired, and I'm totally worn out.  But, I'm pressing forward with projects as fast as my poor body (and kids) will let me. 

So, here's the front door


AFTER  (ignore the overgrown yard.  We have no yard tools yet, and I figure the long grass won't matter when it's covered with 4 feet of snow for 7 months): 

Does anyone have some tips on how to make the paint stick to the plastic surrounding the glass?  I painted it, but it's peeling.  I think I'm going to need to sand it off and redo that portion.  Can anyone help?


  1. What a difference your painted door makes! It looks so good! Did you prime the plastic around your door. . . the plastic probably needs to be primed with an oil base primer before being painted!

  2. I really like it. And imagine how great it will look against the snow. Whereas the white might have looked dirty with the dazzling white ofthe snow. We're lucky if we get a day of snow in England so I'm a teensy bit jealous of the thought of seven months! Wow!

    You sound a bit lonely and sad today. I hope things are okay with you. You're not without contacts....I'm here!



  3. This house looks just lovely are you buying it or renting? I like the improved color on the door. I'm wondering if I know what that added in surprise is that is making you tired?

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies! I so appreciate your stopping by and taking the time to answer.

    Oops...I did not prime it. Can I paint over oil based primer with latex paint? Or should I use a latex primer?

    Sarah, you are so sweet! I am a little sad and lonely, but I'm surviving. This whole thing is a real challenge though, I'll tell ya. And only be a teensy bit jealous of the snow, because it also can get 60+ below in the winter. I am not looking forward to that.

    Nan, we bought the house , so it's ours! :) It has a bit of charm in it, but needs a lot more. We're happy here though. And yes, you probably know why I'm so tired. We haven't told anyone yet. We were planning on next year to have another little one, but God had other plans for us. My human spirit feels like I didn't need this right now, but obviously, I'm still excited.

  5. Oh that is wonderful congratulations. You must be up in Fairbanks then? My grandson is going to college there next year and he and his Mom will be flying up next week I think it is to view the college. The live in Kodiak. Nan

  6. First, congrats on the new little one!!! Prayers coming your way during this time, especially since there's so much change going on for you.

    Now...back to decorating (: Your home looks wonderful and I love the door color! Since you haven't primed, then I would get some KILZ primer and paint the trim and then go over it with the paint color. I swear by it and use it on everything. I've used it on metal and even painted tiles in the shower with it with no pealing whatsoever. Good luck and I can't wait to see some pictures with snow (:



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