Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My first vignette

At least I think that's a little of what this is. I'm not very good at staging. And while I'm getting better at taking portraits, my decor photos need a LOT of help. I wish I could have one of you that are so fabulous at decorating photos come and guide me through a good how-to with real life application.

But oh well.  Please note that before we moved, I sold off nearly EVERYTHING we owned.  That included decor, linens, books and knick knacks.  Now that I've unpacked I am SHOCKED at how much I sold and how little I kept.  I was feeling really unsentimental at the time and just wanted to start over.  But now that I'm "nesting", I'm feeling a little irritated at myself.

Here is my first decorated corner of the house.  This is nearly all of what I own for knick knacks.  Seriously.  It's sad.  I even had to use sewing books to stage this.  They're beautiful yes, but not exactly applicable to the living room.  Ah, such is life...making do.
I just refinished the set of 3 candlesticks.  They were a dated blue, red & hunter green.  Now they are "shade" blue.  Lovely.
I love my old chippy trunk...hand chipped lovingly by my children and their cousins (insert sarcasm here)

This is what you miss when your kids sneak things into the picture (it ruins the effect, doesn't it?)

And this is what I also had to move for the pic

Hopefully there will be more "done" pics to come.  I love working on decorating, but I especially love when I can stand back and be satisfied.


  1. Hi Miranda,
    I appreciate your posts to my blog. I had not checked in with yours since you hit BC so I had a lot of catching up to do. I'm trying to find in your blog where you are in Alaska? Did you not say or I missed it? I'll put you in my blog roll so I can keep updated on your progress establishing a home in a totally new environment. Alaska is a very different place to live in many ways. We've been her 9 years now from CA. and have never been sorry a minute we left a state I lived in for 60 years !! I sold a lot of things when I left CA too. Mostly heavy outside things like a 'chipper', and a player piano. We shipped 8000 pounds of goods in the end. When I got here I noticed it's not the same as buying outside and much most expensive. Keep in touch. Nan

  2. Hi Nan!! I posted here last month when we arrived: http://bloominginalaska.blogspot.com/2010/09/were-finally-here.html

    We shipped 6000 pounds for all 6 of us. We were saving money, but the lack of having the "details" taken care of are frustrating for sure. Where you live seems a lot prettier than Fairbanks, but overall, I still really like AK. I haven't gotten to really experience winter yet, so I think that will color how I view things for sure. I'm looking forward to the experience.

    I'm enjoying your blog a lot. I love seeing all you're getting done :)


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