Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swimming fun!

We tend to stay inside the house A LOT.  In fact, there are times the kids and I don't leave the apartment for days on end.  It's too hot outside and we only have one car.  Dave sometimes comes home for lunch and we could trade the car then, but where would I go?  Probably to Wal mart to spend some money on things we don't need.  So, I'll just pass on that idea.

Anyway, on weekdays the kids and I take head to the pool before lunch because no one else swims during that time.  They have a great time.  The kids all have lifejackets, but are learning to swim the good old fashioned way...on their own, with time and patience.

Here is Ephraim's typical bright sunshine expression. We call it his "pirate face". It's in perpetual use on pool days.

It's interesting how their personalites come into play here. Elsa has a determined personality. She wants to be the best at everything, but doesn't get too upset if she loses. She just tries harder next time. She's working at holding her breath as long as possible. She nurtures the other kids in trying harder which is so fun to watch.

Adin just likes to have fun. He loves his goggles and trying to dive down (3 to 4 feet-lol) to get their swim rings
He can hold his breathe about 1/2 the amount of time of Elsa, but he doesn't care. He thinks he's doing great. There's not a lot of humility coming from this kid. He has a confidence that is funny to watch.

Isaac is patient as all get-out. He loves to watch everyone else have fun. If he has some fun too, that's just a bonus. I've noticed when they race across the pool that he never get discouraged. Even if he's half a pool length behind them, he is still smiling and kicking away.  It's amazing how happy he is. It would help if he would use his arms to "swim". He swims a little like a duck. It's cute.

Ephraim is Isaac's opposite.  He is busy and loves all the action and requires a lot of attention. He's also really wanting independence, even before he's ready. The little ones' lifejackets are really cool. The kids have to keep kicking and moving their arms to stay well afloat and balanced. So they're learning to tread water in a way, which is neat. He's getting good at it, don't you think?

The kids do LOTS of jumping, races, games and laughing. Makes for a fun summer. Even if we spend most of it inside. ;)

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