Sunday, June 27, 2010

Change of plans...

So I was doing my daily craigslist searches in both Fairbanks and Portland (where all our stuff is stored) for treasures I could snap up to go into a moving van.  I found a great posting showing 80% off furniture and other items at a discount warehouse.  I called up my awesome sister and begged her to go check it out for me.  So she did...driving over an hour, spending 2 hours shopping, all while toting 3 kids under 6.  I love her.   Can I say it enough? 

The 2 nightstands I bought (and love) for my Master Bedroom from were a cringe-worthy $580 big ones.  For me, that is a lot...even if they retailed for $699 each before.  Needless, to say, after today, they're being returned. 

This sale was so fantabulous, for just $200 more (delivered!) than the 2 nightstands, my sister snagged me:

2 nightstands in a similar size
1 overstuffed white tufted rectangular ottoman
1 40" round mahogany coffee table with 4 stools that tuck under it (great for kids and extra seating)
1 huge round black wall clock
and drum roll................                        2 of THESE!

Seriously, can you imagine a more perfect chair?  They are large and soft (my 3 year old niece was loving them).  They are going in the living room to accent my awesome sectional.  They will have a table similar to this one except it's actually sidetable height (garage sale find) that will sit between them.  I am so excited.  The living room furniture is really coming together. 

She also went and picked up a large and deep mantle for me to go over the pellet stove.  It was a bargain.  I just have to paint and adjust it to fit in the corner.  It will create a good focal point in the living room.  More on that later.  I'm going to need some good advice from the crafty woodworkers.

So again, I will thank my sister for being my eyes and hands while I am unable to help myself here in Oklahoma.  She is saving me money, yes...but most of all, she is saving my sanity.  Love you sis!

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  1. Gorgeous chairs! Your home is going to be the most nicely decorated in Alaska.

    Now, as for I reading correctly that they shipped your things directly to Fairbanks? We've tried ordering online and they won't ship to Ak so if it's something positively drool worthy I'll have it shipped to someone in the Lower 48 and have them ship it to me.

    Hmmm... :/ Maybe they've changed their policies on shipping.... I hope so :)


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