Saturday, June 19, 2010

Short Bedroom post....

I just ordered these for my bedroom sidetables!  I'm excited.  I'm focused on the shape of them. 
I may decide to eventually paint them with an aqua paint...done in a washed tone so as to be a similar look to this, though less distressed.

Once again, a little splurge from  My plan is to splurge on a few hard to find and necessary things and then patiently watch for other pieces on Craigslist or the local stores.  I'm not sure what will be able to be had there in Fairbanks, so this could be interesting.

Here is my inspiration colors for the room (from Centsational Girl)

And this one I adore because of the symmentry and the wall color. Those lamps are high on my list.  But, I may decide to go with something a little chunkier. 

The one on the left (Cindy Crawford by JCP) is by far my favorite. But even on sale it's about $70 each. The one on the right is also by Cindy Crawford at JCPenny, but it's $99 on Wal Mart has one pretty much exactly like it for $29, plus the cost of a shade. What to choose, what to choose?? Haha.  Either way, I would for sure get a more elegant shade to go with it.


  1. Hi Friend,
    So glad to have found your lovely blog! I look forward to following all of life's adventure's with you.

  2. Susie, thanks for following me! I'd love to have your help in designing this blog to more reflect my style. Your work looks awesome. I sent you an email :)


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