Friday, June 18, 2010

The girl room

On to my daughters room.  Elsa is 7 and has always loved pink.  Her room in our last house was a restful and lovely shade of pink

This time though, I think we'll do something a little more fun.  She loves bright colors and is loving blue right now.  She also really likes horses and animals.  I'm thinking to use a muted, but still vibrant Aqua.  She'd like it to be neon blue, but my decorating sensibility can't handle that. 
I'm thinking one of these colors.  Aqua is a hard color for me to commit to.  I love it, but I'm always aware it can easily look the tone of teal I hated in the 80's and 90's.  If anyone has any better ideas, I would welcome them.  I think I'd prefer to lean more blue than green, but once again, hard to choose the right one.


First of all, let me show you the room I'll be working with.  This one looks really bad now, but once the slate is wiped clean, it will be fine.  Imagination is all it takes right now...lots of it.

This bedding from Target is what I'm leaning towards.  The room would be mainly black and white with aqua and hot pink accents.
For wall art, I haven't gotten much further in my thought process than this wall decal centered above her bed

 Also her her name  in letters on the wall. 
My sister picked up this chandelier at Ikea for me to replace the ceiling light.

I have a cute little armchair I'll slipcover in white.  I want to add a writing desk, also painted white.  I'm actually hoping to find a french provincial style bedroom set on craigslist that I can paint white.  The other idea is to build either a fancy daybed or a storage daybed or just make an elegant padded headboard. 
I'm also hoping to add a nice rug, but I have to stop sometime...don't I?

These are my ideas for now.  Hopefully my Elsa-girl doesn't change her mind before I purchase the bedding and paint.  She has great taste, but it tends to be fickle.  She's a typical girl after all.

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  1. I think decorating girls' rooms is a whole lot of fun! Our girls have a room that is mostly turquoise (top half of walls - bottom half is white wainscot) and a feature wall of fuschia (no wainscot). I love the cheerfulness of the room. Similar color family you have chosen. It sure sounds lovely!


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