Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let's talk paint

So, my plan for the living room is to put in a tallish height bat and board style wall similar to the masterpiece THIS BLOGGER created.  The rail may not be quite as high since Dave's not as on board as I am, so I think we'll find a middle ground as far as the height.  

It's the little things that make a house a home

I'm trying to decide what paint color to do in the Living/Kitchen/Dining.  I'm going to paint the trim and molding white (leaning towards Sherwin William's "Alabaster" or "Dover White", but nothing is for sure).  Much of the decor in the room is going to be white, gray and natural with accents of black, red and aqua thrown in.  The largest piece of furniture in the room is going to be the Curves couch in Stone.  So the beige I'm thinking of is "Tobacco Road" by Duron.  
"Tobacco Road" post from The Nester

The Nester

The other tone I'm loving right now is gray.  I like the coolness of it, but of course with the dark winters in Alaska, I have to consider the "gloom" factor.  I've seen Benjamin Moore's "Horizon" gray noted as the perfect neutral gray, but I can't find an action photo of it. 

I found this Great post on Gray by Apartment Therapy 

Out of the ones I found here, I'm loving F&B's Mouse's Back - I love the taupe tone that it has

For a cooler gray, I love the calm tone of Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage

Edited to add one more I found -

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite paint color that would work for my plan?


  1. Hello Miranda, Thank you so much for becoming a follower and your sweet comments about my home. I love your motto for your life and home. We have moved a couple of times and it is important to set up your home right awaybut not always easy to do.

    I love gray and used it several times in my home. I also have used White Dove for the trim and it works well. In the past I have used Silver Sage in my bedroom and loved it's richness. It made all of my furniture which was dark, pop. Go for the colors you love....gray especially. A great book for reference that I just bought is "House Beautiful, Colors for your Home" (300 Designer favorites). Good luck!


  2. Thank you for the tips Jamilyn and for checking in on my blog. I'm going to get that book, it sounds like a great purchase.

  3. Ooo...the silver sage is so pretty and I love SW Dover White. It's very warm without being too yellow. You have some great ideas.

  4. Miranda, thanks for checking out my blog! I will take some time to check out yours as it looks like one I would enjoy (just can't do it right at this very moment!).


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