Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little more on the kitchen

Check these out!

These are my most recent Overstock.com purchase.  They stack, so they'll fit great in the moving truck.  But most of all, they are interesting.  I was planning on saddle style wood stools that I would paint turquoise.  But these were cheaper, had good ratings and will be super easy to clean.  I love that they stack.  Wooo!

This is my inspiration photo for the stools.  They are clean looking and add a nice shine.  I may actually paint the L of the island black to match the black crown molding.  But I want to live in the space a little bit to see how it feels.  The wood might be just fine.  I wish I could paint all of my cabinets white, but Dave is just not okay with it at this point.  Hickory is such a nice wood with great interest...so once again, I'll live in it for a while to see if it works right in the space.  Below are some more examples of the black and wood combination...


I had light maple cabinets with a black island in my last house and I love the combination.  I'm just a little wary of how the black crown will look with the hickory.  All I can do is try it and see how it works.  I'm hoping to pull it all together with black accents mixed in with the romantic cottage feel I want to embody in the house.  Hopefully it works.

Back to the barstools.  You can see here how the red stools just POP on that island. If I feel like the metal on my new ones don't stand out enough, I will go with a beachy turquoise spraypaint.  I think it will awesome either way.

Here are photos of the new kitchen again:
Aren't the light fixtures awful? I'm hoping to find something affordable like the light below

These types of fixtures are not cheap from what I'm finding.  And since I need 3 (two for the island, one for over the sink) it's not something reasonable to splurge on.  It's also a little tricky for me since I need longer lengths for over the island.  If anyone knows where I can find this light with a longer length chain/cord, please let me know. :)  Oh, and isn't that curtain just awesome?  I love it.  It's on my wish list too.    The curtain, light and fabulous red cabinets belong to the lovely lady at


  1. Hi Miranda!
    Wow girl, these kitchen photos are great inspiration!!! If only my kitchen would look like that! haha
    LOVE the bar stools girl...love them! I think they will go great with hickory wood (& you better not paint those cabinets girl!) I have to side with hubs on that one ;)
    So glad you found me as you led me here to your beautiful blog...I love it! Decorating is so much fun :)
    In my case...it would only be "dreaming" hahaha

  2. Love all your pictures, so inspiring! Thanks for stopping by!
    Take care

  3. The white kitchen with the red stools, I'm in love with!!! Great stuff!!

  4. As for those lights, I am reminded about a similar one that Sara at Thrifty Decor Chick made for her office. It is not exactly your situation but maybe it could be helpful? Here is the link:
    Anyhow, the pictures and ideas sound fantastic. I should do this for the house we are building in 2 years - really helps to flesh out the ideas!

  5. Chantelle, that thrifty chic thread was really helpful. I think I found something else I'm going to do (because I can't keep realistically adding to my DIY projects) but for the future (or the guest room) this is a great idea.

    By the way, when we were custom building our house I had a dream book that I kept ideas in. I got clear page protectors, organized it by room and kept magazine pages, house plans and business cards/brochures all tucked in there. In fact, that book was a work in progress for 8 years before we built and it was so helpful in defining what style I wanted. The blog is another avenue of that, but both are so great to keep our brains together. No regrets that way!

    I'll do a post on my dream house I couldn't keep another day. It's the theme of my blog ;)


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