Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have the best sister!

Since deciding to drive a moving truck to AK instead of shipping our stuff, I've went out on a limb and purchased some things I can't make or that I think will be more expensive up there.  Things that some stores won't ship, or that they have on clearance so I can't get them later. 

My dear sister has been an absolute GEM in helping me.  She's spent hours on the phone brainstorming with me and listening to my narcissistic chatting and looking at decorating items.   Now, these are things we normally do, but I am completely out of control.  Dave doesn't care, nor do any of the friends I know, but Amber least to a point.   Poor thing.

Yesterday, she spent most of her day shopping for me at Ikea and Pier One (3 kids in tow!), with numerous phone calls to make sure she was getting the right things.  Then she gets home and on her porch are things from Pottery Barn Kids and, including 2 packages that were incorrect and she has to sent back.

On top of all that, she is keeping my storage unit organized AND will be meeting us in Montana with the moving truck so we don't have to drive back to Washington.  Can you believe this?  So this post is especially for Amber (and her poor husband who has to deal with both of us) to say THANK YOU for who you are and how helpful you've been to me.  I don't know what I'd do without you.  LOVE YOU WOMAN!

She's going to hate this pic, but I love because it looks like her :)

The Importance Of A Sister

© Shiv Sharma

A sister is someone who loves you from the heart,

No matter how much you argue you cannot be drawn apart.

She is a joy that cannot be taken away,

Once she enters your life, she is there to stay.

A friend who helps you through difficult times,

Her comforting words are worth much more than dimes.

A partner who fills your life with laughs and smile,

These memories last for miles and miles.

When she is by your side, the world is filled with life,

When she is not around, your days are full of strife.

A sister is a blessing, who fills your heart with love,

She flies with you in life with the beauty of a dove.

A companion to whom you can express your feelings,

She doesn’t let you get bored at family dealings.

Whether you are having your ups or downs,

She always helps you with a smile and never frowns.

With a sister you cannot have a grudge,

She is as sweet as chocolate and as smooth as fudge.

Having a sister is not just a trend,

It is knowing you can always turn to her, your best friend.

Source: Why I Love My Sister, Sister Poems


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  1. Sisters are the best! I have two great ones my self =) Great tribute to a great lady!


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