Sunday, May 2, 2010

A great day today!

The base had a huge airshow today.  It was awesome!  They had tons of military aircraft including WWII. 

A few (okay a lot) of the pics I took.  My new camera works pretty well.  The inability to take quick sequential shots is frustrating, but overall it did a good job.  The video feature is really cool.  I got some good shorts of the loud planes.

They had it on the flightline, so there was no bad place to watch.  It was great.
Some of the flightline...

Thunderbirds waiting to take off

There was lots of waiting in line to see inside the planes.  Here, they're getting ready to look at the B-1

And here is the same airplane Dave's grandpa flew - a B-24 Liberator

Ephraim and I spent the time hanging out in the shade. 
He's not impressed with the airplanes themselves, but the wheels on them are cool enough.

At least until he fell asleep

Adin got new aviator glasses.  He said they made him feel like a pilot (my fav pic of the day)

Elsa had a great time too

Isaac (what a trooper)

The only one of me (self portrait of course)

And a special one taken for the canadian Auntie Christina

My second favorite pic of the day.  I think I like the ones where only one kid is looking back.  It's so cute.

I know that was a lot,, but I can't sign off without showing some planes in flight.

First up, Daddy's airplane a KC-135

Here are dogfight reinactments from WWII, complete with explosions

And then finally, the Thunderbirds.  Very cool. 

So, it was a perfect day.  Great weather, and the kids had fun.  We followed it all up with some delicious Ice Cream.  Yep,  a great day :)

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