Thursday, May 6, 2010

Coffee Surprise!

So, I'm a coffee addict.  Everyone that knows me knows it.  I love coffee.  But not just any coffee.  I like strong, very flavorful, and heavily doctored coffee.  My body would thank me if I could just drink a cup of black coffee.  But no, I have to add in all kinds of stuff to make it taste the way I like. 

I love Starbucks.  I like the consistency.  I can order a mocha or a caramel macchiato and 95% of the time it is the same flavor.  I don't like the unexpected when I'm paying $4.50 for a drink.

Unfortunately, this little town doesn't have much in the way of a coffee shop.  I think there's a shop downtown, but I haven't been there.  Apparently Starbucks tried a store out here, but for whatever reason (even though it was busy) they closed it.  So the base community center serves Starbucks drinks.  I was excited when I heard.  Coffee at home just can't compare to having a drink made.  Here's how the week or so has played out, and why I'm calling this post a coffee surprise.

The first time I went , it was a guy serving.  He made me a super sweet Mocha.  I couldn't taste the coffee.  It was gross.

The next time I went there was a certain girl there, and she made the best Iced Venti Nonfat Mocha I've ever had.  Really.  It was so good.

The next 2 times, they were awesome too.  Jackpot!!  I was so excited.

The next time I ordered, I asked for the Iced Venti Nonfat Mocha.  She comes back with a white toned coffee.  I quickly figured out it was a White Mocha.  Okay...It's good, I'll just deal and drink it.  She's very nice and she just made a mistake.  (White chocolate is a lot more fattening, so I only drink it when I'm pregnant.  I broke my own rules)

I went in yesterday and ordered my usual.  She brought my drink to me and I had to ask this time.  "So, what is this?"  "A nonfat white mocha frappaccino, what do you think?"  I tasted it, it was okay.  But I bravely sucked it up and said it was good.  Maybe she's really tired from working a lot and I didn't want her to have to remake it.  I politely said "I really think I like the dark chocolate better"  She says "Okay, dark.  I'll try and remember that for next time"  Well, thank you Ma'am, since that is what I've been ordering all along.

It's so funny, I just had to laugh as I was leaving.  I never know what I'm going to get.  It might be good, it might not.  It might not even have the right color.  But as part of my new life of flying by the seat of my pants and taking things as they come, I will embrace the unexpected.  Even if it's in my daily coffee.

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  1. Coffee made right is soooo important! My favorite thing to get on hot days is iced caramel machiatto from starbucks. When we were in Hawaii a few years ago, I ordered it. They served it to me shaken and I was furious. Like, WHO shakes a caramel machiatto! I drank it anyway. The next day I went back and reordered it and asked them not to shake it. So I watched them make it and they did all the right stuff. Then a barista handed it to me and as she did, she set it on the counter and swirled it around really hard. Bo's eyes popped out because he thought I was going to hit someone. I left the starbucks sounding like a drunken lady and saying really loudly, "don't they know how to make a CM in Hawaii! Maybe someone from the mainland needs to teach them!" I was really rude about it. Don't mess with a person's coffee dang it! Especially when they haven't had their morning cup of joe yet!

    Well, we went in there every day that week since it was on the way to the beach and each day was a battle. I was a pain in the @$$ because the place was always packed and I was always loud and vocal (funny how we do that when we're not in our hometown). I think finally one day, Bo took it out of my hand and took it back them and asked them to make it the way I like it. He was all nice and sweet about it and I was swearing up a storm in the background. I think they felt really sorry for him that he had a wife like me.

    Well, from then on they made it right every day. Clearly his approach was a lot better than mine. Or maybe they were afraid for Bo.

    Hee hee hee!


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