Friday, May 7, 2010

The bliss of some space

After 18 days of hotels, with 9 of the days being here (no, I didn't clean up for the pics since there was nowhere to put anything:

We got into our apartment on Wednesday late afternoon. The kids are so very excited. It's about 1,000 sq.ft., so there's plenty of space for all of us. This apartment is like a luxury.  It's nicer in some ways than I thought it would be.  At least the furniture is nice and clean, and the carpets.  The brick fireplace is an great touch.  We won't be using it, but it adds character to the room.  I won't be decorating this place (for obvious reasons), so any little touches that are here are welcomed by me.

Living Room and Kitchen

Master Bedroom
Blessed Storage!

This is where the 3 kids sleep.  I'm working on getting Ephraim to sleep on the floor.  By the time we leave OK, I'm hoping he'll be sleeping in the room with the kids (maybe it's wishful thinking, but I'm working on it)

I have to let things go here so I can focus my energy on when we get to Alaska.  I'm spending all kinds of time on awesome decorating blogs brainstorming for the new house.  I'm so looking forward to getting there.  But for now will be content that we're no longer living on top of eachother in a little teeny space.  And I can cook regular food!  Fast food and restaurants get old very quickly.  Yay for normalcy!


  1. Congrats on gaining some space and normalcy back! I bet those first few home cooked meals tasted like heaven compared to the fast food fare you had become accustom to. I love reading about your adventure!

  2. Much better! Enjoy the space.

  3. It strikes me that the kids are so happy, they're having a fun adventure! I'm so thankful to see their smiles..who would've thought 1000 sq ft would be luxurious? :-) Lisa


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