Sunday, February 7, 2010


What a fun day Superbowl Sunday is.  We had my brother in law Sam and his wife Christina with their kids overnight.  Then we got up and fed the kids breakfast.  Dave and Sam worked out and then Christina and I went on a 4 mile walk.  Then over to my sisters house for the party.  We had 7 adults and 10 kids there.  And we still got to enjoy the game!

The kids were great, playing outside most of the time.  We ate wayyyyy too much.  I haven't had anything in 3 hours and I still feel like garbage.  It's usually worth it to overdo it when you're eating, but afterward?  Not so much.  Ick.

Anyway, some pics of our fun day.  I forgot my camera, but here are some borrowed ones from my sis.  Too bad the Colts lost, but since the Saints played a good, clean game, I'm not too upset.

The guys trying out their first taste of some home brewed beer

Dave and I
(remind me to never wear this shirt again...there's a reason it's lounge is for comfort, not designed for giving an appearance of slimness...I'll also blame my sister for a bad camera angle)

Amber, Jason and Gideon in their Saints gear

Sam and Christina 

Happy 1st Birthday Gideon!

Darling kids playing together

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