Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time gets away from me...

I wanted to try and update this blog every week or so, but it seems that time just moves too fast for me. I just don't get around to it. So, for a quick update: Bees are doing well. We're waiting for some good weather to check them out in better detail. To find the Queen and make sure she's healthy and propagating the hive well. The chicks are great also. I ended up getting 3 Araucana's to add to the group, so there are 12 in there now (2 are my sisters). They're getting huge (and to be honest, teenager chickens are not nearly as cute as the babies). Actually tonight is their last night inside the house. They do not smell good for 1 (my house is not a barn). And 2, they are really feathering out well, and trying to fly (especially the Barred Rock; very determined chickens) and I'm concerned of waking up one morning to find a chicken or two wandering (EEEK!). So tomorrow we will build a bigger temporary pen and get them into the garage. I have to get some strong wire to top it with so that Cookie the Cat doesn't decide to have some delicious meals. The kids are growing and changing so much. It's astonishing how their time being small is just going away. Adin and Elsa did great at Awana. They both finished their books. I'm so proud of them for that. I have not been good about having them memorize things, but they persevered and learned a ton of Bible verses this year. Isaac (3.5 yrs old) somehow picked up a phrase and tested it out on his cousins and siblings tonight "are you ready for a Beat Down?"! What? We were laughing so hard, we had trouble regaining our composure. He is sooo cute! And then Ephraim. He is not overly verbal. He tends to be physical. But his verbal skills are growing. He has finally picked up "nurse" and "please" though they don't sound much like the real word. But hey, he's saying them his own special way. I'm improving on knitting. I finished a pair of shorties. I still have some finishing touches to put on them, but at least they're done. They turned out too small for Ephraim :( but they fit my small nephew well, so it's some consolation. Hey, I'm learning at least! Tomorrow I'm going to attend a local knitting help class. I'm hoping they can help me work out some of my kinks. There's my small synopsis. I'm hoping to get some pics up of the blooming flowers and garden next week, but I need the weather to perk up a bit. It's been very rainy around here lately. Not a surprise for the NW area, but is still frustrating when I'm in the middle of planting season.

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