Thursday, June 6, 2013

Genetic Roulette

Last night I attended an educational meeting hosted by a grassroots organization here in Fairbanks called March Against Monsanto (you can check around to find an MAM group in your area).  

I have long been interested in learning more about Genetically Modified/Engineered Foods and this meeting was very helpful in putting the information together in an easy to comprehend format.

They had us watch the film "Genetic Roulette".  This is an excellent documentary that I can't recommend highly enough.  

On June 15, this film will be available to watch for free from their website.  You can also watch it from YouTube from what I understand. 

It's long and nearly painful to watch when you realize the crime that's being perpetrated on all of us...without our consent.  We are being used as test science experiments, but yet they don't gather real data to know how what the outcomes are (sorta like with vaccines.  By the way, The FDA just approved the first GMO flu vaccine! - it contains reprogrammed insect virus.   -Awesome-).

Armour Meats increases market share via genetic engineering
My family eats about 80% organic right now, but this meeting convinced me to make sure that we are almost 100% GMO free.  There are so many options out there now, it's not as hard to do as it may seem.

The Non-GMO Project website is very helpful in figuring out how to support the companies that are GMO free and how to keep my family healthy.  They even have an app for the iphone where you can verify products that are GMO free.  I have an android phone, so I'm on the hunt for an app for it now.

I'm asking all of you to (please) become informed about this issue.  It is affecting all of us already, and will continue to affect our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

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