Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May is here!!!

I am so thankful to see May finally arrive.  This has been a super long winter and while it seems like it will never end, the coming of May gives me hope.  Surely the snow cannot last into June...right?

This was the view out my back door yesterday

Today it warmed up to 44 degrees and so was a teeny bit warmer than yesterdayCaptain American obviously can't wait for summer.  Barefoot with snow on the ground? Sure.

As for me, I've been spring cleaning the house.  Laundry, washing blinds, mopping floors, removing clutter and organizing closets. 

  This photo is humiliating, but my linen closet was out of control.  I was always scared to open it in case of an avalanche of bedding.  

In my defense, this is our only linen a house with 7 beds with linen & pillow obsessed Mama.

It looks quite a bit better now, thank goodness (except for the crappy cell phone photo)

   Here's to better weather coming soon.  At least I'll be able to embrace it with a clean house.


  1. This is a very strange Spring? I heard you got 4 inches up there. I have one linen closet in my house it's in a downstairs guest bath. I tend to get rid of old sheets I'm some what of a sheet snob lol. We actually have 5 beds total. I can't stand sheets when they get old looking unless they are made in the USA and pure cotton which they really don't make anymore. I do keep those old ones as they are so darn soft.

  2. Good Morning Miranda, My word, you still have snow in May. Here in the North of England the weather is really unseasonal as well, whilst we do not have the snow, it is very, very cold. I cannot wait for warmer days. I'm just wondering if we will miss out on Spring and head right into Summer this year.
    Oh dear, I think if we are honest, most of us have linen cupboards like yours, which we leave for a while and then just have to tidy up. Our houses are small in England, so storage space is at a is so easy for a cupboard to get out of control, but I always get a sense of achievement when I tidy the cupboard and it looks neat and tidy.
    Hope the snow leaves you soon.
    Best Wishes

  3. Hang in there. I felt so bad when I heard it snowed more up there. Luckily there's no new snow here, just cold temperatures that seem to have a deathgrip on the whole state. The snow will never melt if it doesn't get a little warmer! (50 degrees would be heavenly!)


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