Sunday, May 26, 2013

Busy Self-focused Weekend

We finally have some gorgeous weather around here.  It was over 70 degrees today and we're loving it.  The mosquitoes are out nearly full force, but I almost don't mind them...I'm just so thankful for warm and sunny weather.

This weekend is a busy one for me and I'm trying not to feel too selfish.  I rarely take this much time for myself in one fell swoop, so it's quite a treat.

I am attending a fabulous 2 day class to qualify for a concealed carry permit.  Alaska is a "Constitutional Carry" State, so you can legally carry concealed without a permit of any kind if you're over 21 (unless you're a felon or criminal of some sort).  I just really wanted the extra training.  I may or may not actually pay to get the permit itself, but the class is too good to pass up.  Two of my girl-friends are doing it with me and it's so much fun.  We spent 7 hours focused on classroom instruction today and tomorrow will be 7 hours with some good range time.  The class is taught by our Fairbanks local legend Joe Nava. 

Joe is an 83 year old gun veteran with a huge wealth of knowledge that is awesome to behold.  The classes are held at his home, which does not have a bathroom.  I got to experience my first true outhouse today.  Not sure that it's something I love, but the blue foam seat is rather comfy - LOL.  Gotta love Alaska.


Next Saturday, I have a 3 hour qualification test to pass the Level 1 Krav Maga test.  This week I'm focusing on increasing my athletic endurance so that I can keep up with the pace the instructors set...I hear it's pretty painful, but I will succeed.

I've already ordered the mouth guard and groin guard that I will need for Level 2 Krav.  I will need to get some head gear, gloves and shin guards as the classes get a lot more physical than Level 1 has been.  I can't wait!


I hope you're all having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Dave has been Mr. Mom for the first part of our weekend, but on Monday, we'll all spend the day together relaxing or maybe going and doing something fun.  I still haven't planned the Monday menu, but I'm thinking broccoli salad and steaks...or maybe mushroom burgers.   

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