Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Laying Low and losing the "Busyness"

Our winter here in Fairbanks went from being very cold to a warm front.  We've had temps of over 34 degrees over the last couple of days, and even some rain, which makes road conditions extremely treacherous. Since it's supposed to freeze again sometime tonight, schools and many workplaces are closed tomorrow unless things improve.  

I saw a meme on Facebook today that said "ALASKA - Where school can be cancelled because of warm weather"  So true.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is a weird place to live. :)

The kids and I have been staying home a lot lately, only leaving the house about once a week.  The kids have been playing in the snow and keeping themselves busy inside by doing school, watching movies and playing with old fashioned toys like blocks.  These have been a huge hit lately.  Nothing like Fun with Blocks.


My family has really enjoyed this time of laying low and it's something I think we're going to continue.  The reality is, the most important thing you can do as a family is to spend quality, calm time together.  Really listening to one another and paying close attention to the moods, attitudes and intricate personalities of our children and spouse is an integral part of keeping our families wholly together.  

With all of the drug and promiscuity issues today's children have, not to mention the high level of depression and suicide, really KNOWING and having a great relationship with your child is a safeguard to preventing problems.  The same standard can be applied to our spouse.  When your family life is calm, then alone time isn't nearly as important since we can chat and just "be" together, continuing the lifelong process of getting to know one another.  Bonding as a family is a great way to fall deeper in love with your husband. ♥

 How does the busyness really benefit your family?  Gadgets are a huge part of busyness.  Do you try to unplug once in a while...from all of it?  Phones, tablets, computers, gaming toys, even television?  

Source: google.com via Miranda on Pinterest

Just some food for thought.  

I'm still trying to figure out how to balance the electronics in my life.  My kids spend too much time "plugged in" and I've spent too much time online.  I need to figure out a good time each week to blog and get the online stuff done.  I'm even throwing around getting off of Facebook.  I've really enjoyed having whole days where I just don't go online at all.  It's freeing, really.  Doesn't being online sometimes just cause us extra stress and pressure...for no good reason?  Why do we do this to ourselves?  

Even more than the stress is that we often aren't "present" in our own lives.  I want to be a wife and mother that intentionally lives during her years on this earth.

Jennifer at The Magic Brush pointed me towards a book she's reading for her family. The book is called Radical Sabbatical

Are you changing anything about your daily schedule as we start this year off?  Or maybe throwing away the schedule?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.



  1. I have been on a quest for a more calm life for a while now. I find I have to search for it everyday. If I am not actively fighting hurry and busyness I become easily sucked in to too much, wheather it's screen time or outside "extra-curricular" activities. TV and computer is something I started tackleing a few years ago. For a while it was easy, but when the rest of the world is so plugged in, I found myself out of TV/movie conversations, not as quick to recieve the "all-important" news on Facebook,and my kids wondering what gadgets/games were all about after seeing other kids' engage in them. It can get difficult after a while - but I still believe it has helped us so much.
    This morning I read the chapter in One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp titled "A Sanctuary of Time". Good encouragement is needed often for us to remember what is really important.

    What a great post to wrap up my morning reading. Thank you!

  2. You are such a good Mom!
    We have the warm temps here but today hopefully that is changing and we'll get colder again, lots of flooding going on here in homes. A friend has a pellet stove I'll have to ask her if she ever had this problem and if she cleans hers like you do. Grandson leaving for FB tomorrow.


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