Monday, January 28, 2013

A cold Sunday with some serious gum

Our temps here this Sunday dropped into the miserably cold status.  It's been highs of -30 and lows of -51.  

We had to skip church so we could get Dave to the airport...he's Hawaii bound for 4 days for some training and I'm just a teeny bit jealous (okay, a lot jealous).  The icy fog was really bad in town and it's certainly not something I would be willing to drive in unless it is absolutely necessary.

These pics were taken out my car window, all around 1pm.  We're getting a little more light during the day which is such a blessing.

Before he left we had a little family fun.  Dave spends time with the kids right before bed watching vintage clips of his childhood shows and commercials.  Lately they've loved the Big League Chew commercials

 So when Adin's eagle eye spotted some in Safeway, it was a must buy product.

They were so excited to try it! (bad for you ingredients and gotta live a little)

I was able to impress them with my mad bubble blowing skills.

 I haven't done this when I was a kid.  

There's a reason for that, since it took me forever to get the stickiness off my skin (thank goodness for baby wipes).

I hope your weekend was a wonderful one.  I'm here with the kids trying to stay warm at -51 tonight.  

This is what happens when it gets so cold.  Our air tight house cannot keep the icy tendrils from reaching into every teeny gap possible.

I'm really looking forward to summer right now (or at least maybe Hawaii?)


  1. Brr it's -25 here and frustrating to not be able to get outside! Hope you guys stay warm today!

  2. OH wow! That is crazy about how the ice makes its way onto the inside of the doors! That is super cold. It is HI 75 here today and LOW 63, and cloudy and rainy..........Arkansas for ya. :) Tomorrow it could be freezing, who knows.

  3. Good grief that is cold, I am shocked at the ice on your door INSIDE your house. Wow.

  4. Hi Miranda, We're having a very strange winter down here in Homer it's raining and warm with little snow, then it will click back into very cold temps for a week. We're on a warm rainy one this next week. I've seen ice like this in our garage building up on the windows and doors, we keep the heat in there on the low side for obvious reasons. Nan


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