Tuesday, July 31, 2012

13 years ago today...

13 years ago I was married to a young man who was made just for me.  

July 31.  The date we rarely get to spend together and even more rarely get to celebrate alone, but it is still our special day.

On this date I usually reminisce about the changes made in our lives in that time period, but this year, all I can think about is special dating memories and our wedding day.   

I scanned some photos onto my computer, so the quality isn't the best, but it's all I've got.  Here are just a few snapshots of my life 13 and 14 years ago.



Walking in with my Dad





 We aren't young any more, nor are we old.  We are still in the midst of dramatic life changes and adjustments, but there is no other person I would rather be taking on the world with.  I love this man and feel incredibly grateful for the life I have.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.  
I hope you enjoy the pizza, cheesecake and Ballatori while we watch the Olympics.  Ah, the romance!  
(Actually, we're planning to have a night out when his parents visit at the end of September, so we're just suspending the romance)



  1. Well you two have accomplished a lot in a short 13 years. Yeah the next 13 will be challenging with the kids growing up however you are young and will still be very young when the kids are grown then you can get to do all kinds of things for yourself and with each other. Always compare yourself to someone older and you'll be young like I am compared to a 90 year old lol..

  2. Congrats on your anniversary!!!

    I found your blog via Coast to Coast bloggers map. :)

    Didn't think there were any other bloggers around! :)

    I just restarted my blog up last month!! Look forward to getting to know you!



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