Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carbonite Rocks!

I've been a little out of the loop this week since my hard drive completely went kapoot last week!  I have the last 9 years of photos on my computer and none of them are printed.  I also haven't backed up my external hard drive since last year, so I was feeling a little panicked.

However, we set up Carbonite on my computer earlier this year and I discovered that it had backed up automatically the day before the hard drive died.  Thank goodness!  So it just took a trip to "Geek City" and a little $$ and we're back up and running just a week later.

Carbonite says it will take a couple of days to completely restore my files, but I'm so thankful for the service.  

This is a PSA for you...BACK UP your computer so your files are safe!  This was not a virus, but a complete hard drive failure where the "geeks" weren't able to retrieve my files.

I'll be back sometime this weekend to open up the exciting Ramsign giveaway. 



  1. I've never heard of this Carbonite. I have this external hard drive for back up as I worried about this very thing with my photos.

  2. Hi Nan! It's a good reminder for sure. I'm just glad I had a back up for my back up, haha. Here is the link to - - I adjusted the post so you can click on the link. I'm impressed with the service so far. The price isn't bad either. :)

  3. I applaud you for taking the right course of action. Online backup service is the real deal if you want to save your treasured files. No virus and system failure will affect your data that way. It’s also nice to know that you’re keeping your last 9 years of photos digitally. I haven’t heard of that before. Impressive! =)

    Ruby Badcoe


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