Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Midnight Sun and the view

 I took this picture at midnight on June 21, the longest day of the year.  It was very overcast and rainy that day, but the light was still prevalent.  

This place is so strange with it's long sunny summer days and then long dark cold winter days.  I think the sun is even harder to deal with than the dark.  There is no intuitive way to figure out what time it is.  It's not uncommon to look up at the clock and realize it's 10:30 and no one has even started getting ready for bed!

This one was taken at 1am three days ago when I was hanging out with my fussy baby girl

Lydia was hanging out in the swing looking momentarily calm

The one good thing about all the sun is how things grow so quickly and vibrantly.  These photos were taken at 9pm (no flash) while the kids were still outside playing with water guns
Love the purple pansies
 Wild Alaska flowers
 Pretty plants in pots

And finally, the areas around the yard are looking better thanks to all the work my parents did, between holding Lydia and also getting out there themselves.

My Mom made this sweet little space (that my kids said looks like a "graveyard", hehe) 
My Dad is a miracle worker with being able to take just a little bit and making it look great
 Loving this bench they snagged at a garage sale for me
 And my beloved birdhouse has finally been mounted

Summer would be lovely here without the mosquitoes.  As it is, I received 8 bites in the 4 minutes I was outside taking these photos.  So, I will enjoy the view from INSIDE the house for now. :)

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