Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Small improvement

Since my other couple of projects are stalled out until I can get to town, I did my easiest and least exciting one today.  I got this frame at a clearance sale last month for $5.  It was an impulse, but I thought it would look decent over the toilet in the master bath.  Seriously, does anything look good over a toilet?  Anyway, I got it home, got it hung up and realized the off white color make my bathroom look ill, like it had the flu (really!)

This is the same wall color that is in the laundry and guest bath, it is impossible to capture without good natural light
 I took a can of bright white paint to it - You can see just a bit of difference, though nothing exciting

I think it looks better, though the change is minute  - It's a decent touch for $5
I lightly sanded where the bronze had been

Hopefully I'll be back in another day or two with a proper project.  The kids and I are getting up early to take the husband to work so I'll have the car for the rest of the day.  We are heading to town for I am a woman on a mission!  Hopefully the kids cooperate. :)


  1. You ladies - buy something brand new and have to paint it; oh, that's what my wife does all the time. It looks great

  2. Your project turned out beautiful, Miranda. Love it!

    Have a happy Thursday xx


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