Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gorgeous Weather

We had an amazingly beautiful day today.  The temperature made it up to 26 degrees this afternoon, which was lovely.  I know that sounds cold to some people, but with the radiant sun coming down, the air just felt wonderful.  We spent a little time outside after our trip to the grocery store and library.  This is the first time since October the kids have been able to spend quality time outside without being bundled up like mummies.
Elsa used a chunk of ice to draw pictures in the snow
Due to the higher temps, we've been having a slow meltoff from the roof.  I LOVE the sound of the dripping water in the afternoon.  It causes these long icicles.  I'm so glad I got a pic of this one the other day.  Today at noon it was about a foot longer than this, but when we got home this evening, it was broken off and laying on the ground

 They had so much fun
 You can see how the snow is still over 1.5 ft in some places.  I think it's even deeper in the areas we don't normally walk on, but I don't feel like getting tons of snow in my boots to find out how deep

Adin is interested in the Titanic right now, so he was thrilled to dig up this large piece of ice from the dripping areas.  He wanted me to take a pic of the Iceberg

 The beds along the sides of the house are just begging for some bulbs, flowers and veggies.  I can't wait!!

Isaac ran up and down the driveway over and over

I am so thankful for the lovely day.  It warmed our spirits for sure.

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  1. So beautiful! That is one big icicle lol!

    Have a great weekend! Hope you are feeling well



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