Saturday, January 29, 2011

My 365 Project

I'm really wanting to work on my photography skills, so I joined up with the 365 project to force myself to try and take a creative pic every day.  Click HERE to go to my project!

Also, sorry for all the design changes I've been doing.  I know this page is probably looking different every time you come here, but I'm working on getting this page to look more like I want it to.  Just like in decorating, there is lots of experimenting involved there.  Please be patient with me :)


  1. Actually - it's a lot of fun to keep changing your blog around and keeping it fresh. I do every few months change everything around. Good luck on the Photography

  2. I like changes myself and I understand when it's not quite the way you want it.
    That photo project looks like fun I've known other who did it last year.

  3. It's lovely trying out different blog designs, isn't it? It's like playing with a favourite toy!!

    I need to do a bit of a scrub-up soon on my blog.

    Have you had the results of your husband's tests from when you went to Anchorage yet? I'm thinking of you. It must be worrying for you all.


  4. Sarah, the test went well. He didn't change the diagnosis yet, but was leaning towards an acute case that has healed rather than a chronic case. That would be a blessing as we wouldn't have to deal with the medical board and he could just get back to flying.

    It was sobering when we heard the case next door to us that was a young man who was so severe, it looks as though his military career is over. It was sad to listen to.


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