Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a baby girl folks!

We had our ultrasound yesterday to check out the baby and make sure it was healthy as we plan for the homebirth.  We definitely wanted to know the sex, and we found out we're having another little girl.  I am so excited. 

I haven't had this perfect blissful feeling in a long time.  I wasn't sure why I'm feeling this way, but upon closer inspection, it just feels like a "no strings" blessing.

The Lord has been so giving and merciful to us over the last couple of years, growing our faith and dependence on him.  The tough part of faith growing though is that there are struggles attached.  Nothing is easy.  He has provided us with so many blessings, however it always seems to have a "But" in there somewhere that requires sacrifice or acceptance.  For example: "Here is a job, BUT it comes with a relocation to the only place you said you'd never move to" (in retrospect, I think pretty much any of the Southern states would actually be worse, so once again, he knows best).

I've been preparing myself since I got pregnant for the news we would having another boy or the baby wouldn't be as healthy as we'd hope.  I'm not sure if there was so much pressure on me because of my wishes, or because Elsa asked literally every day since we discovered the pregnancy "I hope it's a girl".  Seriously, EVERY DAY, often 2 or 3 times.  She had her hopes pinned on a sister and I just knew I would have come home and dash them.

I know that the Lord always gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want.  Our job is to be thankful, grateful and accepting of whatever those gifts are.  For this one thing, I am SO amazed and in awe that we were given what we wished for.   The best part is that she is exactly what we NEEDED too.  Elsa summed it up so well last night "now we have 5 healthy kids AND I get to have a sister!"  Amen, my girl.

It was awesome to see our new daughter yesterday on the screen.  She is an incredibly active little thing which made it difficult for the tech to get all her pics and measurements, but it worked out in the end.  She was sucking her thumb, and appears to have Elsa's chin (so fun!).
Now I can start looking for sweet little girl things.  One of the first things I want to get her are a pair of these sweet little shoes.  I've been dreaming of a pair since I saw spotted them on Jami's blog 9 months ago or so.  Now I can actually buy them to use! 


  1. Congratulations on your news of a healthy, sweet baby girl! Such an awesome moment in time when we find out. When I was expecting the twins, my son said everyday that he hoped for a sister. Although I just wanted healthy babies, the mama in me wanted his wish to come true so badly and I admit, was also kinda hoping for a girl too. He was over the moon and my heart was so happy when I told him he was getting one of each. {sigh of relief} So happy for your Elsa and the rest of your beautiful family! Thank you so much for loving on my baby shoes & featuring them on your blog, Miranda. I put a lot of love and hard work in to them and it brings me so much joy when someone else loves them too.

    You've chosen such darling and strong names for your children. I wonder what pretty name you'll give this sweet baby. :)

    Hugs to you,

  2. M, this makes me so happy. So happy I'm sitting here all teary. Blessings abound!!!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog -- congrats on the baby girl!! And those shoes are so adorable :)


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