Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Redone Guest Bath

Our guest bath is a small and boring little space.  Bathrooms are so hard to decorate.  I see all these lovely bathrooms with little touches everywhere that add so much fun and character and I wish I could do that.  But I am incredibly OCD about a clean house.  So all those cute and/or elegant little things in the bathroom??  They would need to be disinfected and dusted.  It would make the already unpleasant chore of bathroom cleaning take even longer!

So, the redone space is not exciting.  But it's peaceful and much warmer.  The paint color is Oyster Bay by Glidden (converted to Valspar).  We ended up using it in both bathrooms and laundry room.  It is an awesome gray/blue/green toned paint.  I LOVE it.

I had to make this one sepia since I was having lighting issues

We accented the walls with these beautiful bird prints

Inside the "water closet" area, I put this lovely bare tree print.  I also ordered an extra long shower curtain from Target...it's in waffle weave and it adds a great height and presence to the tiny room that cannot be captured in photos 

And this little guy is my one concession to a knick knack.  He was too cute to pass up (and he can easily be wiped down).  I like his little personality hanging out in the room 

I still need to add a runner for in front of the sink, and I'm still on the fence as to whether to add pulls and knobs to the cabinet (what do you think?)   So, there it is!  Thanks for taking the time to look.  :)


  1. Beautiful job on the bathroom Miranda.

  2. Love it! My one fun item in our bathroom is a little tin trash can that is the same bird print as your pictures!! I love it! I really LOVE your Betsy curtains too;) I want some for my dining room French doors.

  3. *etsy curtains. Gotta love spell check.

  4. Thanks guys! Beccarina, you should get some of those curtains! Even my husband loves them.

  5. I love the sweet bird prints! They just make the room. You won't believe this but the outside of my house is oyster bay! I love it. It looks brighter in the photos of the house but if it's the same it's a soft greenish blue...

  6. What a beaitful colour. It's so soothing and restful.

    The picture picks it up beautifully too.

    Each time I come by I say how busy you've been ....and then you show something *else* you've done!!

    You're like an unstoppable force!

  7. Lindy, I think it's one of the best colors I've ever used! It takes on it's own personality depending on the light. I bet it looks great on the outside of your house.

    Sarah, not unstoppable, just focused. I'm tired though, haha. Most of this stuff, I got done in the last 3 weeks and am just finishing the details so they look "done". I'm looking forward to showing it all, but then I'm wondering what I'll blog about afterwards ;)


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