Thursday, October 14, 2010


Can someone be in love with curtains?  I'm pretty sure I am.  I have struggled with how to dress the windows in the house.  The living room especially has been a real challenge since I have orangy-colored bamboo blinds (too nice to replace, but they're kinda ugly), and I can't have long drapes due to the baseboard heat that runs along all exterior walls in the house. 

Do I do short curtains?  Valances?  Roman blinds?  I looked into the roman shades, but they were too spendy.  I don't have the sewing skills or patience right now to tackle sewing faux shades.  Then I found this etsy seller Paula and Erika - Etsy -  I did a custom order with them for 2 valances and 2 door panels made with Osnaburg.  Osnaburg has fabulous texture and depth.  It has the organic feeling of burlap and muslin, but is more substantial.  They only took about 2 weeks to get here to AK.  And I LOVE them.


~Dining Room~

~Living Room~

And just for fun, this is what my dining room looks like most of the time.  My kids love to color and draw and it's a constant struggle to get them to stop long enough to have the table look nice.  Oh, and their schoolwork is on the table too. 

The daily massacre of my measly autumn display
 Our only halloween decorations (now covered by my curtains) I a spoilsport or what?

I hope you love my curtains as much as I do.  I think they solved my problem effortlessly.  I was thinking a ruffled burlap runner would be awesome on the table.  And then I was reminded of what it normally looks like and I know that no runner would survive the kids' daily abuse.  It would be more annoyance than it's worth.  So I'll just enjoy my window coverings and let the rest go.  I think the kids are worth relaxing a little.


  1. Miranda here in Homer we don't really do curtains as we face Kachemak Bay with this spectacular view. When we get down into some temps which you will do much lower than we do and it's dark outside we like to drop down something over the windows to cut back the cold. We use these 'sunglasses' for windows which you can see through and it helps control the solar gain which we have a lot of here plus they also do help with the cold. In my new living room which is not finished as yet I was thinking instead of those to get some drapes that pull across the bottom tier of big windows when it's dark and cold, something like red velvet would be my thought. By the way my daughter and grandson are in Fairbanks today from Kodiak viewing the college there which my grandson will attend in the Spring next year. Take Care Nan

  2. Hey Miranda,

    I love the way your curtains look in the darker phots, where the layers really show.

    Also, your dining room chairs are gorgeous!!


  3. Your curtains are gorgeous, Miranda. I love of my favorite fabrics to work with. And the ruffles? Love them just as much! Your dining room is beautiful mess or not. Love your wall color and those slipcovered chairs. Just stopping in to say hello!


  4. I love your new curtains. That was the perfect choice! They're thick (because they're gathered)and should insulate good but still light and airy -- which seems like it would be nice where you live. I'm guessing it's dark a lot.

    I really love everything in the room! That bench against the wall is a great idea.

    I'm so glad you came for a visit. I have been overwhelmed and hadn't a chance to see what you were up to. I hope you have a great time with your sister! What fun!

  5. These curtains are absolutely darling!
    I just might need some of these, too. :-)


  6. Hi! I am just looking around to see different blogbackgrounds. Being here, I thought it would be nice to write something.
    And also, I must say you have a very nice blog!

  7. Miranda,
    Finally had the time to surf a little bit...thanks for becoming a follower! Now I've found you! I absolutely LOVE your clock! I have been obsessed with Swedish Mora Clocks for a while now....also love your motto. I too am a military wife. Too often I find myself dreaming of our "forever house" when I should be living in the moment. :)

  8. cute ruffled curtains! so great when you find something that you are really in love with and that makes you happy everytime you see it! good for you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Hope you're okay, Miranda. I've been missing your lovely comments on my blog and your lovely posts on your blog.

    Hope you're having a great time with your sister.



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