Monday, June 28, 2010

Toy Story 3

The kids have been desperately wanting to see Toy Story 3.  Since I needed to do some window shopping at Target, we drove to Wichita Falls, TX (1.5 hours) to see it.  We accidentally landed on a 3D showtime.  The regular viewing was not for 2 hours which would have put us getting home at 10-11pm.  We decided to just go see the 3D.  The tickets were ridiculous expensive.  THIS is why people don't go to theaters much anymore, making it a dying enterprise.  They upcharged us $2.75 per ticket, bringing the grand total to over $57!  Seriously?  What a rip off.

The kicker of the whole thing is that 3D is not that pleasant to's blurry, and the glasses suck.  And even though they upcharge you, you have to turn your glasses back in at the end.  I don't want them, but why charge extra?  Dumb.

On the good note, it was an awesome movie.  A little darker than the others, and much more emotional.  I was close to tears at the end.  It was very funny, had a satisfying ending and was well worth seeing...but not for $57.  Next time, we will wait until it hits the discount theatre, or maybe just buy it when it's released.  Either option, or even both would have been cheaper than what we did.  Uggg.


  1. I hear you! Logan went with my sil and neice, but we opted to wait until it gets to the $3 theater or on DVD. I haven't seen too many 3D movies, but I'm pretty sure I don't like them. I don't even like watching big action packed movies on the big screen - it's just too much visual stimulation! I guess I'm getting old. :) Plus I'm cheep and totally NOT paying that much for a movie. However, I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Glad you enjoyed it. Would have been a huge bummer to pay that and not enjoy it. :)

  2. We got to see it for free with our JDRF group. (yes there are benefits to having a child with T1D, although I'd trade T1 for paying $57 in a heart beat) I sat next to my 15 year old who has grown up with Buzz and Woody and who looks a little bit like Andy esp the grown up version. I cried at the end and looked over at Josh and saw a tear roll down his face too. Great movie!


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