Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gustavian Style

I've been obsessed with this style clock for a while.  It can come in many variations.  Some are more curvy and ornate than others, but they all have that certain "look"

I want one, BAD.

THIS one from Ethan Allen is about the only semi-affordable one I can find.  Reproductions are even hard to find and are still expensive.  This is high on my wish list.  Hopefully craigslist will present a hard to pass up similar style I can paint.

It's "Gustavian" style. I've been doing some research on gustavian and swedish style decorating and I think it has the perfect balance of light and romantic, but doesn't have the delicacy that I don't care for in shabby chic. - Synopsis of Scandinavian style - The pieces are substantial and mildly ornate.  Enough to be interesting, but not overly done.  I'm trying to figure in how the beadboard wall and chair rail I was planning would fit in to this style.  If it doesn't, I'm thinking maybe just doing a nice wide chair rail trim and paint the trim and wall below a white with the walls above the pale beige/gray tone.  I have to consider resale a bit since I don't want a future buyer turned off by a washed style paint tone.  If this was my permanent home, I'd embrace the style and age wash all the walls.  I think that would perfect.  Still thinking on this one.

The black molding I was planning wouldn't fit in with this style at all, so I have to consider that.  I'm just not sure how to add an appropriate crown molding to those cabinets since Dave is not yet on board with my painting them white.

Don't you think a style that was developed to combat the cold dark winters in Sweden would be perfect for the cold dark winters of Fairbanks too?

"Aim for a clean-lined and pared-down look – this furniture need space in which to breathe, and rooms should be uncrowded and verging towards the sparse, although retaining a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere."  Perfection!

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