Thursday, June 10, 2010

First Post!

This first post is going to be mostly for my sister.  Since we don't live near eachother anymore, we have to do our decorating brainstorming via phone and computer.  We've been talking about my (future) living room and kitchen lately, which is a greatroom, so the pics will be focusing on that.  I'll tell you all about our situation in a later post.... :)

So, first I'll focus on the kitchen.

This is reality...

A badly decorated greatroom

This is similar to what I'm thinking for the kitchen (along with raising the corner upper cabinets to their correct height)

With something like this above the windows to unite the height of the windows and coordinate the kitchen with the living room

Those would have roman shades (like the photo below) with a tan and cream ticking fabric

And of course, here's my new couch
And then something like this built over the pellet stove in the corner with room for the tv above (decorating challenge for sure)

Well, what do you think???

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