Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boys Room Plans

I am really excited to decorate the boys room.  This is a relatively large space, 24x15 and it has nice wall variations since it's above the garage.  All 3 boys will be sharing this room, and it will double as a play/kids space.

Here is the space...again, very badly decorated (except that unique and cool fan).  I do not live here yet, it's not my fault-lol.

First up.   Look at the room.  I'm planning to put beadboard all the way up the lower wall.  The beadboard will be bright white.  The walls and ceilings will be a more muted white to create a beach cottage feeling room.

The beds will start there against the short wall and will be in a U shape (add another corner unit and bed on the left side) like these examples below. 
We're planning to use a variation of this plan from Knock Off Wood
It should end up looking similar to this room from Pottery Barn Kids

Speaking of Pottery Barn...I just bought 3 Madras quilts and euro shams for the boys' beds!  They were on sale, but I still splurged on them compared to what I normally spend.  I'll buy the rest of the bedding from Wal Mark or Fred Meyer when we get there.  I'm also planning on stenciling a linen pillow with their names or initials for a decorative accent.
And speaking of decorative accents, here are some of the things going up on the walls.

THIS cloth wall hanging from PBK is 4x6 ft and will be awesome on the slanted wall
One of  these stunning wall decals in red
I think I'll add a wall decal like this in coordinating mellow colors to match the bedding.  I would do it in black except that would make it too difficult for the kids to distinguish the continents (well, me too)

Add Ivory blackout curtains to block the land of the midnight sun brightness and the bedroom portion will be well on it's way to looking good.

I plan to add nice wall storage for toys (built by us from Knock Off Wood plans), a pretty striped rug, and a large bean bag or two for reading and relaxing space.  

I'm kind of tempted to steal the space for Dave and I, haha.  What a splendid sewing room this would be!

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