Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life of hard knocks

We bought Monopoly for the kids to learn to play.  They've been hearing about it from one of their Veggie Tales movies, so they were excited. 

The first time they tried, Dave made it simple and just focused on the rules and basics.  Tonight they sat down for a serious game.  Dave is playing with the kids while I get some quiet internet time.  It's so nice.

Ephraim watching a movie in the kids room

It's fascinating to listen to him teach them.  They're in there learning the basics of how to make it through life.

 ~ To deal with disappointment when things don't go your way
 ~ To be gracious when things are going your way
 ~ That you can choose to be compassionate to someone else even when you don't profit from it
 ~ That money doesn't grow on trees
 ~ You need to chose your path as wisely as you can
 ~ You don't always get to chose the hand you're dealt
 ~ You need to take things as they come and make the best of it

 ~ How to be a gracious loser...

That last one I threw in there because right now I'm listening to Elsa sob hysterically because she (again) landed on Adin's property with a hotel that costs $600.  She's broke and at his mercy.  And she just wants to be done with the game.  Ah well, we'll work on that last lesson a little later. :)

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