Monday, January 11, 2010


Ah, I'm very content for the time being with my 4 little blessings, but spending time with newborn babies kinda makes me itch for another one. In the online world, you'll often hear it as "making my ovaries twitch". There's just something in certain Mamas chemical makeup that makes us yearn physically for another baby. Like an actual yearning that is tough to resist. I personally think it's God's way to nurture procreation. It is instinctual. For me, I get it occasionally with certain babies. Not just any baby gives me "the feeling". It takes a certain smell, a certain feeling; an indescribable "something". I wonder if that will ever totally go away? I know for me it has lessened just a bit with each baby I have, as my plate gets fuller.

However, as evidenced today, it hasn't went away just yet. Unfortunately for me, I got it this afternoon. My good friend came over today with her beautiful baby girls. They're just one week away from being 2 months old. Their current weights put them under the weight of any baby I have delivered myself. I have been blessed to have been one of the "helpers" since these babies were born; getting to hold them and help with them even in the NICU. I have never ever held a baby under 5 lbs, but these little ones all were. Thankfully, they are perfect and healthy and amazing. These babies hold a special place in my heart, and each one of them "make my ovaries twitch". Yikes, twitching times 3!!!

When she got here...

The kids were so excited!

Rosalie on the left and Emilia on the right

And last but not least, little Gwendolen, who I got to wear in the ring sling for a couple of hours...I think she liked it, don't you?

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