Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Changes are coming for our family. My husband hasn't had a job since the end of April. We've been surviving through various things and God's provision. It's been a long couple of months. It's been good for us as a family, and really good for our marriage. We've drawn strength from each other, and I feel incredibly blessed to have my husband in my life. The kids don't really know what's going on at all. They know we've had to cut back, and that Daddy is home all of the time. They also know that he's looking for a job. They just don't realize what that means. He's a non-current Pilot with the AF, so he's been looking to get back into that.

Our most promising job looks to be in Alaska. Through much heart searching and logistics discussion, that is where we're hoping to go. I am so excited. I think it will be excellent for us as a family. Being independent with no family or familiarity is daunting, but it has it's own value for sure. This would be an awesome adventure for our family. Now to pray things go well at the the interview in 2 weeks. I'm going with him so I can see the area and housing situation before the land gets covered in snow and ice.

The last 4 months have been an amazing progression really. At first, we were not willing to move. I wanted him to find a local job. Then we focused on a job he could commute to. When that didn't work, we focused on finding something within driving distance of home so we could keep our house. Well, that didn't work out. Then we decided we'd move, but only temporarily (we'd rent the house). We've now finally submitted to what I believe the Lord has wanted of us all along. Submission to whatever he provides for us. We have to be willing. That's all he asks of us. Now that we are, and are planning to sell our home here, I finally feel at peace. HE will provide for us. HE will show us the place he desires us to be. It is all in his perfect timing.

What we have here are just "things"...the lifestyle we've had is wonderful, but it's just an atmosphere. The most important thing is our family (just the 6 of us) and our God. With those in the proper order and the other things put in the back, nothing but good will come of it, even through the struggle. So, that info is why I haven't spend much time blogging. I'm hoping to be more active at it, but in reality, I'm thinking that won't be happening until we get settled in our new location (wherever that may be).

On a completely separate note, the other thing this lack of a job has done is help me get my "sass" back. I got my hair cut and wear it down more (instead of a ponytail). I've lost almost 30 lbs with the encouragement of my husband, some exercise and an awesome eating plan (no more being hungry) But the funnest part is that I did something I've been wanting to do for a very, very long time. I got my nose pierced 2 weeks ago! I love it and so does Dave. WooHoo! Self Portrait (not a great one, but you can get the idea)

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