Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

My precious only daughter is 6 years old today. She was my first baby to be born at home. Her birth shaped how I view childbirth. She was also the only baby I didn't know the sex of before she was born. It was so strange to me to look at the little girl in my arms. And her name, though we'd picked it out early in the pregnancy just didn't seem to fit her, I kept second guessing myself. Elisabeth Adeline...such a beautiful name and yet I struggled. But, after a couple of days, I felt more settled. And the name we primarily called her is Elsa. It fits her very well. Elsa is a darling girl. She is a "mommy" to the kids. Always helpful, loving and nurturing. She is the most emotional, but also the one who is the most in tune with the vibe of the house. Elsa has her own particular fashion sense that is fun to watch grow. Every morning she brings out an outfit to check with me to see if it matches and if it goes with our activities for the day. She holds on to her own style while still being aware of what I want too. I am so grateful to have a beautiful, loving and kind daughter. I love watching her change and become her own unique person. Thank you God, for my Elsa girl.

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